Understanding Private Student Loans – UNM Continuing Education


help you bridge the gap between the other support you are getting from federal and state aid, scholarships, or financial aid through your school

These loans can be utilized to pay for home or auto loans. The majority of students need an additional co-signer for the loan for example, a parent, since they have not had the opportunity to build adequate credit. Additionally, you must pay attention to the details and conditions of the loan prior to making a decision to sign.

The factors to be considered when researching potential loan possibilities include the interest rate, the total costs of the loan APR, length of repayment, loan minimum and maximum fee, the cost of borrowing, rewardsand incentives to repay.

Students generally have the ability to get 100% of the costs of their tuition, but not financial aid or other student loans that an individual might utilize. Rates can vary greatly therefore, it is important to shop around and investigate. Fixed-rate loans are offered.

Many loans offer deferment until the borrower finishes the college. Make sure you get an employment opportunity that is good because you’ll be paying for your loans within a few days of throwing your cap into the air!


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