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can be used to produce huge amounts of electricity. To prevent it from exploding the electric grid, an emergency repair service should be on the lookout for it. In this short video you’ll be able to learn the process of nuclear energy.

It is complicated and expensive to make use of nuclear energy. This is one reason that many companies aren’t yet ready to embrace the use of nuclear energy. Nuclear energy only accounts for 10% of the electric power consumption. There’s a low-cost and easy kind of reactor. The reactor that is used is called the water-based light reactor and it is the most common reactor. It is a process of heating water by using an artificial chain reaction. Then, nuclear fission is used to create energy. It’s a process that involves bombarding large, unstable elements, such as uranium , with neutrons. These are then absorbed by the element. It then emits radiation which heats water, then further neutrons are released to complete the chain reaction. This reaction is moderated by the water. This heated water is also that which causes the turbines to generate electricity.


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