What is a Dental Crown? – American Dental Care


A tooth with a weak structure is protected. Crowns are also used to help the tooth recover from any damage. In this post we will look at the process of making a dental crown.

When you begin the procedure the doctor will be able to numb your mouth in order that you don’t feel any pain. After that, they’ll form your tooth in a way which allows the crown to be placed on to it. The dentist then takes the mold to ensure that your crown is fitted correctly.

The crown will be put to your teeth the following appointment you make to the dentist. It’s normal that your tooth will feel tender after the procedure. If your tooth is still painful after several days of treatment, consult the dentist promptly.

It is essential to maintain your oral hygiene after your crown has been put in. Crowns can last for a long time when you follow the proper precautions to protect it.

In general, if you’ve got one tooth that is less strong than the rest it may require an implant. Contact your dentist if believe that you might need.


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