The Organization of Emergency Rooms – FFH Nutrition


Emergencies are unpredictably and hard to control by their nature. To effectively manage emergency rooms, it requires an experienced and organized staff. This video will show you how to manage an efficient ER.

An emergency room must have an efficient way of getting people there. It is impossible for the personnel working in an emergency room to leave the room and attend to the patients. They will require the have the technology and tools available by the hospital. Patients experiencing urgent health needs should be able call an ambulance quickly to transport patients to an ER.

If the patient takes an ambulance, the EMTs within the vehicle perform diagnostic tests . They collect key details that they then pass onto the medical personnel in the ER. Triage systems determine what patients will be prioritized in the ER. The triage system will determine the length of time patients are seen depending on their severity.

Patients with serious injuries should be examined immediately. While it is difficult for patients with less serious injuries, which are often still uncomfortable, it is essential to protect lives.

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