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In the US justice system also includes bail bonds. If a person is accused of a crime and placed into jail, they could be eligible to pay bail so that they can be released. This video explains bail bond as well as who’s entitled to it. The judge will establish a bail depending the on what charges the defendant will be being charged with. The defendant can pay the bail and be released out of jail. Apart from the misery of being in jail this bail offers the person to become more mobile as well as to present an argument that can be used to get the charges thrown out.

If the accused is not able to afford bail, they might rely on the services of a licensed bail bondsman. Bail bonds can be made payable in a variety of ways. The defendant can pay for the cost out of their pocket, or have it paid for by a family member or friend of person. In addition, the defendant can offer collateral like a vehicle or property. But, it’s much more risky than hiring the assistance of a bail bondman.

A bail bondsman will post bail on behalf of the defendant. The defendant pays a non-refundable fee (usually 10% of the bail amount). To learn more look at the video above.


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