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The early Egyptians used a hammer to smash the ant’s stalks flat to form “papyrus,” which was the first time they used the ants’ braided stalks. The ancient Egyptians were quick to adhere papyrus sheets to create scrolls. These were precursors to the kind of books we are familiar with today. Today’s book publishers make extensive use of the latest technological advancements in book printing in order to make many different dimensions and forms. While there are a variety of technologies and processes that are used, all of them follow the same path.

Text in books are printed using printers on large sheets of paper. Sometimes, they are as large as an entire newspaper. Printers can print books cheaper and efficiently by printing them in bulk. Pages are folded, stitched. They are then cut according to size before being fixed to the spine of the final book. Additional finishing touches, such as blank pages at the back and front of the book as well as special tape on the edges of the book to promote longevity, may be added , based on quality of the book. This video will explain the aspects of book printing.


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