What Does A Staffing Agency Do? – Freelance Weekly


Employers need to find suitable cultural applicants. We can learn more about what the staffing companies provide.

Companies work with staffing agencies that provide both long-term and temporary job seekers. For temporary jobs, job people are employed by the firm on a short term basis. These positions can last for a few weeks to a several months, depending on what is needed for the task. For direct-hire jobs, the company that is hiring is a customer’s personal recruiter. This is especially important for businesses looking to hire workers for a long time.

Another category is temp-to-hire. Tempo-to-hire means that an employee is employed by the client of a staffing agency for a short period of time to determine if they are compatible for an employment contract for a long time. If they decide that the position as a good match, they will be able to be full-time employees and enjoy all benefits.

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