What Does the FDA Say Legally About Grain Free Dog Food? – Legal News Letter

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A few ods include legumes and peas aswell in the form of lentils and beans. A dog’s food that does not comprise wheat, corn, or rice does not contain the common ingredients in grain-based diets. There are 190 million dogs and reports of the illness are not high.

Some brands that make alternative dog food produce gluten-free pet food. DCM is linked to Great Danes and Doberman Pinchers as well as Irish Wolf Hounds, Golden Retrievers and several other breeds. Studies found that 91% of cases of heart disease were due to dog food that was grain-free which contained lentils and peas. Pets dying were autopsied and those that developed the illness were given urine, blood, and fecal tests. They were given a diet adjustment as well as lifestyle modifications made in order to boost their health.

Anyone with pets who worry about their diet should stay loyal to the product, but modify their diet to incorporate grains. The majority of the alternative companies produce products based on grains, and if they do not make the switch to a well-known company which has a nutritionist for veterinary use who makes dog food with grains.


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