Breakdown of Dental Implant Surgery – SCHUMM

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t? The video below will show how you can set expectations post-op as well as the pre-op.

Dental implants are becoming widely used to replace missing teeth. The reason is that many consider that the final outcome looks like they have their original teeth. Dental implants are worth the time and expense for those who need to substitute a tooth that is missing. Implants offer a sturdy foundation for permanent or removable teeth. Dental loss could occur through decay, dental cavities in periodontal health, injury. The treatment of dental implants requires oral surgery performed by qualified specialists with years of training and experience. Three pieces comprise the dental implant comprise of the titanium implant that joins with your jawbone; the abutment which fits over the part that protrudes from the gumline. Finally, the crown that is created through dental restorative procedures. The surgeon will sit you down and show you the whole procedure step by process and address any concerns. The process of recovery is fast. It is possible to experience some discomfort to say the least, but rest assured you will be in excellent in the hands of a professional.


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