Keeping Your Home Server Safe and Secure –

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rs. The servers are able to provide a functioning server for your customers or games such as Ark: Survival Evolved, Rust or Minecraft. Server hosting involves a lot of responsibility, starting when you choose to host a server. Although it is not difficult to convert an old computer to a working server, it requires dedication. The goal is to ensure your home server is secure following the completion of your project. Here are some ways to make sure your home server remains private.

Clearly, several people invest in their home server for the sake of privacy itself. If they bring the server up and decide to take the wrong path, however, this privacy can become compromised at any moment. The host of the server recommends that hosts limit the amount of ports they can open. The most common ports are 80, 443, 1194. Also, he recommends using a 3rd party service such as CloudFlare for DNS as well as DDOS protection. Most of these service providers provide gratis SSLs as well as firewalls. To prevent data loss be sure to have copies to your servers.


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