How to Protect Your Cars Paint – Your Oil

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It’s simple, it’s that simple. This is why you must take good the time to take care of your vehicle. In this video, you will learn about different ways you can protect your paintwork.

One of the best ways to safeguard the paint of your car is to use a detailer. Detailers are typically formulated with wax, and it provides protection for the paint of your vehicle. Detailers are easy to apply and can be applied during your weekly cleaning.

The next method is waxing. For protection of your paint, you can either spray it , or apply it by wiping it. It is similar to paint sealants. They make the car shiny and provide protection.

There is the option of applying some ceramics for further security. Most people will employ a professional to apply ceramic coatings onto their surfaces. They provide protection as any dirt or UV’s will ruin the ceramic more than the paint’s surface. The coating can last anywhere between two and five years. You now know how to protect the paint on your vehicle.


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