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Gutter obstructions can cause a lot of trouble for homeowners who have. Open gutters can be clogged due to dirt, leaves branches, and other trash. This can lead to water damage to your roof as well as foundation leaks. The video below shows you how to create an interim gutter cover that can prevent gutters from becoming blocked.

There is a need for an elevated ladder to work with the gutter as well as metal mesh. In the beginning, clear the gutter and downspout of any debris. This may require detaching the downspout and the gutter from the property If the blockage is large.

Take your wire mesh. You can grab this from your local gardening and house store. Cut a section of the mesh and then cut it in a way that it fits within the outside edge of the downspout. Use gloves and pliers to easily shape the mesh in the way you like.

After that, put the mesh over the downspout. Don’t shove it all the way down. It is believed that the mesh can be a barrier for debris that would otherwise clog the downspout. It will let water through uninterrupted.

Go to the picture above to find out more about the ways you can create your gutter-clogging defence.


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