Iron On Vinyl Guide for Beginners – Reference

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A blank background could prove useful. The next step is to decide on the type of image you’d like to use. It is best to choose the finest quality. You should then determine the dimensions of the cloth that you want the vinyl print on and scale your artwork to be able to replicate it. It is important to create space around the edges of the material.
After your Cricut image has been created then it’s time to place an order for the vinyl. Select the kind of material on the Cricut machine. For instance ironing on vinyl. After the Cricut machine is finished printing the vinyl, you’re now ready to get the vinyl off the mat. Attach your vinyl to the work table, with the shiny side in the middle. After that, carefully take off from the top of the print.
When the design has been created, it’s time to press. Make sure you get the correct amount of heat and press pressure for the material you’ve chosen. Put the Cricut cutting machine over the vinyl. Wait for the machine to cool and get the material out. Now you can use the photo. ns5xdmnr5p.

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