As a Vet Clinic Owner, What Puppy Food for Allergies Should I Recommend? – Morgantown WV Business News

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If you own a vet practice You must know what advice you can offer your patients about what kind of diet they need to purchase for dogs with allergies. They should generally be fed the prescription strength puppy food for allergies so they are well looked after and do not have allergic reactions.

The salmon-based dog food is being suggested as the most important ingredient. Salmon allergies are not common in dogs, and it’s therefore safe to give salmon to dogs that have allergies. Although this isn’t true for every dog, it is an acceptable rule of thumb.

Each case is different and needs to be evaluated individually. This is the reason vets always ask to see the dog they will prescribe food. As a result, certain vets will only recommend the right type of dog food after having seen the dog in person.


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