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Start laying new sod on the floor to ensure an attractive appearance.
Install a sub-base made of crushed stone

The sub-base of crushed stone is the keystone for your court. It should range from 1/2′ to 3/4′ thick, and it should be leveled and compacted before laying in layers on top of your asphalt flooring. You’ll want to lay down several inches at a time to ensure enough time to allow each one (about 12 inches) to set before you lay another one down.

Find the asphalt surface

If you’ve already purchased the surface for your patio, it’s time to install it. If you want to convert existing grass to asphalt, the initial option is to employ the hot asphalt machine (HAZM) also known as a paver finishing device. Here are the steps you need to adhere to:

Spread about 3-4 inches of hot mix, an amalgamation of cement and sand on the grass. Later, compact the mix by rolling it until it fully dries. Give it 24 hours for full curing time before using equipment on top of the fresh pavement. Install a permanent net and posts

A permanent net is the ideal way for you to be sure your court does not have holes in it. Be prepared when your net is damaged and needs to be replaced multiple times.

The stakes must be at a minimum of 4′ high and 18′ in the ground, but if you want something even stronger than this (for instance, you have kids who are too young and aren’t yet enough to be able to get over them) you can add additional stakes, and even posts on the top! This will help protect your court from animals as well as people who may try to walk on them while playing tennis with others.

Concrete blocks are a great option in place of wood ones. However, they must be of sufficient size that a person who weighs 300+ pounds will not have trouble safely walking on them.

Professional permits are now available

Once you have decided t


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