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Does the contractor have a legitimate business -Contractors must be licensed and insured; in the absence of this, you may end up on the wrong side of the law if someone suffers injury while at work. You may find that some contractors do not have the licenses they’ll need, or they’re not researching properly. It could lead to an affront to their reputation as well as the financial burden. 3. Value Engineering

Value engineering is the process of systematically analysis of costs for projects and focusing on areas where you will reduce the cost without sacrificing effectiveness. It is about analyzing the elements of the construction, as well as the devices, systems and materials to identify the areas where savings could be made while maintaining or improving the overall quality and performance. The two stages where value engineering can yield the best results are the designs and the planning phases. In the later stage of construction may result in a net loss. Value engineering is a way to improve efficiency at the least cost.

Safety must not be sacrificed in the name of cost-cutting. For proper value engineering is to possess expertise in construction, reliable cost information, and teamwork. You will require engineers, architects, contractors as well as project leaders engineers, project managers, and more in order to achieve great results at costs that are lower. Coronavirus-related uncertainty has led to shaky pricing of the materials which have increased budgets, which has made it more important to invest in engineers.

4. Tenant Improvement Allowance

Tenant Improvement allowance (TI or TIA) is the sum that the landlord provides the tenant for all or part of the cost of construction. TIA is usually a reference to square footage. The landlord can offer up to $20 per square. foot. This means that the landlord is willing to provide $50,000 to the tenant for a commercial space of 2500 square feet. The tenant improvement allowance generally includes all construction costs but it doesn’t cover any other costs like furniture. Also, other costs associated with moving/starting up, e.g., commercial washing machine


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