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There are many kinds of servers. Dedicated server hosting is a way to allow nobody else to work on the server you’re using. Most often, a server is divided into multiple servers . However, by having a dedicated server it is your responsibility to control all servers and the VSIs which use it.

It’s feasible to partition your data in any manner you’d like. However, what’s the worth of dedicated host? It eliminates the possibility of someone else having access to your data or breaking your security. Also, you can assign workloads to be close to each the other, if need to be. It’s often a very demanding task that requires many VPIs in order to accomplish something.

The transfer of data across a single host is obviously much quicker than links sent through multiple servers. When all VSIs run within the same dedicated server this reduces your chance of running into timing issues. If you’d like to know how dedicated server hosting works, and the reasons why it can benefit your business or yourself take a look at the tutorial!


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